Our Engineer Experience

In accordance with the IMO/SOLAS GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System) regulations, PT. Sentral Elektra Marindo has provide our engineer with the following trainings:

  • Factory Training from NERA Telecommunication held by NERA (SEA) Pte.,Ltd in Singapore majoring Technical Operation and Installation of SATURN B and SATURN M equipments.

  • Technical Training on SKANTI ScanBridge GMDSS Radio and Thrane-and-Thrane mini-M equipment and also Raytheon-and-Shipmate which held by JASON Electronics Pte.,Ltd in Singapore.

  • General Maintenance Training, which held by SOLAS II Electronics-and- Engineering in Singapore.

  • Agreement for "Distress Management" by PT. PELNI and PT. Kresna Adi Karsa as JRC Authorized Agent.

  • Factory Training for Danelec Marine A/S Denmark S/VDR and ECDIS systems in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Training T-BOSIET for offshore activity.

  • Technical Training for Netwave Systems B.V S/VDR and Rutter Technologies S/VDR in Singapore.

  • Technical Training for SIMRAD in Singapore.

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